Dear Warrior,

Before going further, let me introduce myself:

My name is Mohammed JABBOUR.

You May have not heard of me before.

But when you finish reading this, you will be happy you eventually did !

I understand what you are thinking right now!

You Are believing,

"I do not actually care who you are, why you created this WSO, I simply need to make money online!"

And hey, I agree with you!

I loathe purchasing ebooks where they spend the first 50 pages telling you how great they are, and how much cash they’ve made and how wonderful the Internet is and why you should consider getting into it and all that other uninteresting things…


Why not simply instruct the things that makes money?

I thank you to be here, And I respect your time.

So I�ll cut the chase and go STRAIGHT TO THE POINT as I do in all my ebooks and sales copies :

"Nice wso, well written and straight to the point, very positive this will make you once you put in the work"


I know you�re really Frustrated Because:

You’re tired of spending endless hours trying to find an instant and quick method to earn money online.

You do not know how to promote your affiliate links and you can�t drive targeted traffic to.

You’re disappointed With All the ebooks you’ve Bought which did not do what they were Presumed to do.

You have attempted Several Techniques that didn’t Work !

For a lot of people, that�s thier reality, and it doesn�t have to be.

"Great WSO.. One of the best investments I’ve made to date. This is truly a money maker.."

Derrick E

I know, all what you want right now is to make money workless, and have an enjoyable retirement.

You want to create income streams that DO NOT require your direct involvement.
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�My Money Maker V2�

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Here�s what other warriors have to say about

My Money Maker V1‘:
Originally Posted by Shelly9
This WSO is short, sweet and extreemly simple…..which is why it may get overlooked by some warriors that would like to make things complicated. I know that I struggle with that sometimes, so when I read this (I read it twice), I made sure that I didn’t miss anything. I have been on the WF since 2010 and I have read A LOT of material on here about how to make money online. Honestly? When I realized that this was CPA, I thought "Oh, great, I have to wait forever to get paid." That’s the truth. Just being honest. But, through this 21 page pdf, Mohammed shows how to use a network that is a bit different and pays a lot sooner than most. I went on the sight myself to investigate what is involved in becoming an affiliate and it claims to issue checks twice a month. That’s cool. I don’t think that it could get any simpler. This is a 5-step WSO, simple to read, implement and make money. And, I have already had questions which Mohammed has very graciously addressed. By the way, if you notice the 2013 screenshots of his income from this method, and notice how he says that he no longer "implements" this method but still makes money….its true. From the directions in this WSO, once you set this up, it will continue to make money. I am continually amazed at the power of the internet!

Mohammed JABBOUR:"I like your great review Shelly and I Love the simplicity of my WSO "

Originally Posted by johnsmart
I’ve bought quick a lot of WSO in the past years and I would your thread is one of the best I’ve come across.
Originally Posted by johnsmart
Your methods are unique, simple and very easy to implement without fail.

I’m seeing some potentials in this already.

And anyone who is serious about making money online, starting small, without much capital or investment then this is for you.

The fun part about this system is you don’t have to sell anything to anyone. I’m loving it already.

Good Job mate.

Mohammed Jabbour:"Your Review is Unique too, Thanks John "

What is ‘My Money Maker V2‘ ?

�My Money Maker V2� is the easiest and the most efficient way to promote as good as any kind of offers, free Like CPA offers or paid like :

How does the Method work ?

It�s a 5-steps method, each step can be set up under 10 minutes.

And ALL What You Need To implement it is:

1- Computer connected to internet
2- Your affiliate links
3- Gmail address

What ?

Yes, a gmail address !

And I�ll shock you when I�ll show how you can immediately transform your gmail address into a powerful Money Making Machine !!

When you implement the method, and see instant results, you�ll be shocked why you couldn�t have guessed it was that easy !

So You�ll know How much you were Really on the Wrong Track all this Time, You will Feel Happy Because I’m about to Reveal you Everything you Need.

‘My Money Maker V2′ is A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide at putting together in the least amount of time.

I�ll hold you by hands and show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

"My Money Maker WSO is brief easy to understand and contains no fluff. I am a total newbie and I believe I can totally set this system up and make money from it. The few questions I did have Mohammed has been very professional and quick in responding to me. I’m looking forward to getting started and making lots of money!"

Tracy P. Thomas

I’m Sorry, But I do not Agree with you at All, Because:

You Can do it, Not later, Not Tomorrow, But NOW!

You No Longer Have Any Excuses that will Lead You Down the Path of FAILURE.

You, Really, Need a MAGIC Way And FORTUNATELY I have it for You!

I’m About to Reveal a Method that will put you on the fast Track to Make Money.

I’m here to Show you a Very simple Method to Apply, STEP BY STEP to make money online and That Safely, With No Start-up Capital And No Investment at ALL.

Originally Posted by 88ninjas
I have to agree with johnsmart. this is a pretty cool wso and Mohammed has been available to answer all of my questions. I am a huge fan of excellent support and he has delivered.

Mohammed Jabbour:"You’re Welcome, I am here 24h a day for you "

You will not find Theories or Hypothetical Methods that MIGHT Work ,

I Leave that to DISHONEST Marketers Because I hate to Sell Bad Products..

Originally Posted by soot001
I purchased, and heres my review, read the very quick no fluff instructions and followed in action with each step, took me about 10 min to set up and read it through. 24 hours later.. 2 conversions, and $2 bucks in my account. I guess I didn’t follow the instructions to well as I later found out, but still managed to make money in his method.

Mohammed Jabbour:"I am surprised you implemented all the steps in 10 minutes, you’re strong!! Should I alter the sales copy and put 10 for the whole process not 10 for each step!!

Thanks soot for your sweet Review, I really appreciate it ! "

Originally Posted by Rocketbidz
Hi there,I am back with my review!

I started with this method about 3 days ago and I have already made $9 ! I know its not much yet , but the method mohammed Shows definetly works.I will now scale it up and make bigger amounts in the days to come!

Mohammed Jabbour:"Who said My Method doesn’t work !!

Marco, you’re Great !"

OKAY Mohammed, That Sounds GREAT,

Q: How Long does it take to make mo,ey using your great method?
A: If you Follow the steps, you’ll make your first dollars within 24hours!

Q: I am 100% newbie, can I use your method?
A: My Method doesn’t make any difference between an expert and a newbie, it is for Mr.EveryBody!

Q: How Much money do I need As investment to start using your method?
A: Absolutely Nothing !!

Originally Posted by Rocketbidz
I am back with another Review! I just made another $14!
Originally Posted by Rocketbidz
This market is Hot and i had no idea that i would get such a fast respons!

Thank you Mohammed!

Mohammed Jabbour:"So Say Goodbye to frustrasting methods you used to use !!"

You Are About to Put Your Hands on "My Secret Method" that has Proven to work in the precision of a Swiss Watch.

10 Reasons Why ‘My Money Maker V2‘ Will work for you:

1- You don’t need knowledge in webmarketing, programming, sales funnel! Even if you don�t know anything about internet marketing, you can use this 5 steps method which you can take right now!

2- You don’t need squeeze page OR a website!

3- ‘My Money Maker V2′ is a sequence of 5 steps that you can set up in 30 min (10 min if you’re strong as soot001 )

4- ‘My Money Maker V2′ Works for everyone, regardless age or gender!

5- With ‘My Money Maker V2′, you can promote any kind of offers!

6- With ‘My Money Maker V2′, you’re your own boss, you work when you want and you wake up when you want!

7- ‘My Money Maker V2′, requires absolutely no start up capital, you start from scratch! You will not spent even one red cent!

8- You don�t need to build a list!

9- There is ABSOLUTELY NO upsells involved!

10- Even a person with low IQ can use �My Money Maker V2� !

"My Money Maker V2" will GIVE you all the Tools you Need to Try it yourself.



As I promised, the warriors who baught the 1st Version, will receive ‘My Money Maker V2For FREE!

I’ll, also, give the 1st Version For Free to the buyers of ‘My Money Maker V2‘ !

Originally Posted by Rocketbidz
I just Got my edited version of Mohammed`s method and its Pretty straight forward and easy to understand.The first version worked like a bomb for me ,so this version will just make it alot more exciting!!!

"It’s good — well-written, and has as much detail as there should be"

Dan Spingola


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Originally Posted by imhappy2deal69
Hi guys thanks for this system I`ve already set it up and it`s working great, less than 5 minute got my first tweet ready to automatic post for me.

It all went smoothly and a big EXCELLENT job well done Guys.

This is a must use tool for every Twitter Lover

Well worth the $8.00 that going to save me time when i can set it and forget it.

Thanks for a great WSO!

Originally Posted by infoagent
Hey Doug (and Tate),Thanks for a great WSO

I just love quotes and I can see where posting those in your twitter account would really attract folks to see what clever saying you’ll be twittering next…hehe

We used to add different quotes to our emails too, but it was hard finding new stuff all the time…this will be an EXCELLENT (and handy) resource. Payment process and sign up went smoothly! Congrats, and thanks again!

Kathe Lucas

Originally Posted by BrentR
Great! FYI, this is my favorite WSO since Plaskow’s Site Crusher. I already have a couple of feature requests in mind, my biggest being multiple account management, and bulk pricing for multiple accounts.

I think Twitter is using abandoned new accounts as a way to identify spammers or mass account creation. So tweet-queues are very important to me right now. You can also spend far less time on automating following/unfollow/followback if you have solid tweet automation and queues. Great product
Originally Posted by worldwidepromotions
well, I’m in… found it so easy to setup I thought I had missed something! A great resource! for the price it’s a no brainer – its gonna save me so much family time

Fellow Warriors we’ve put together 2,576 high-quality, re-tweetable quotes and the perfect tool to drip-feed them to your Twitter followers…
And it will only take you five minutes to set it up.

We’re going to keep this sales copy short and sweet because to be honest this product sells itself.

  • Get A LIFETIME of attention-getting tweets that almost force your followers to hit the re-tweet button
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We found a little-known archive of over 200,000 records that contained quotes that have been published on Twitter. Then we created our own database and used a custom algorithm to filter and select only quotes that had been re-tweeted multiple times.
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Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and if you have any questions feel free to post and I will respond to them as soon as I can.

Doug Hudiburg and Tate Burns
"The Sales System Guys"

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