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Posted: December 20, 2013 in Warrior Special Offers
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Effortlessly Create Unlimited Numbers Of Amazon Facebook Pages!

Are You Taking Full Advantage Of The Amazon/Facebook Love Fest As We Speak?Hey Guys,

Edwin and Mike here and we are really excited to share with you our new and exciting Facebook marketing creation that’s simply going to take your affiliate + social media marketing to the next level…introducing FBAzonPoster!

As we all know Google has just got to be too much of a pain these days. They are constantly changing their algorithm and penalizing marketers everywhere. You just can’t rely on making a steady income solely from Google traffic anymore!

If you’re like us, and tired of trying to rely on search engine traffic, kissing up to whatever unannounced whim they throw at us, then we have a better solution for you and your affiliate marketing.

FBAzonPoster is our new WordPress plugin that makes posting Amazon products to your Facebook pages a breeze! It is a product we have been using exclusively in-house up until very recently when we decided to share it with you all.

Don’t get me wrong we were reluctant to do this at first because of the amazing job this plugin has been doing on the Facebook side of our Amazon affiliate business but, after receiving numerous emails from our readers requesting help and advice on making FB marketing work for them and their businesses, we decided to act fast and offer this solution to them!

Increase Your Edge Rank, Gets More Eyeballs On Your Posts, And Drive More Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers…

So…If you:

· Are tired of Google’s constant game playing

· Want to be in charge of your own destiny

· Want to reduce or entirely eliminate reliance on search engine traffic

· Actually want to enjoy traffic generation

Then FBAzonPoster is for you!

I mean we all know that this is a fast-paced business and that we need to bring the products we are promoting to the biggest audience as quickly as possible, but to do this the same problems constantly seem to crop up:

· Where can I showcase my promotions to the biggest audience?

· How can I promote my offers without spending an absolute fortune?

· What’s the absolute quickest way to get my offers seen?

· Can I do all this without tons of technical expertise?

Well the answer is super simple…

Smart sellers know there’s absolutely no better place on the internet to market their products. I mean with over ONE BILLION active users, there’s a massively, huge cash-generating potential that we’re still only scratching the surface of!

So, why not set up your Amazon products directly in Facebook? Top sellers are already using Facebook to bring their products to this gigantic audience, and are seeing a massive increase in profits!

A Speedy Solution For A Fast Paced Business!

Time is of the essence in this business anyone needing to create a quick and engaging facebook page to display their promotional products really doesn’t want to hang around…plus add to that the cost of directing traffic out of Facebook and you’re probably down in the money department before you’ve even made it!

In this industry, you need to get your products the maximum visibility possible really FAST. That’s why we created FBAzonPoster which makes marketing your products on Facebook that much quicker and easier than ever before!

Make Facebook Your Own, Personal, Money-Making Machine!

That’s right…what if you could:

- After installing the plugin, with just clicking a few buttons you would be connected to all of your Facebook pages?

- Post any Amazon product either Manually or Automatically to any page?

- Create a campaign where the plugin searches for products that match your criteria and automatically posts them within a time frame you have allotted?

- Even edit or delete your FB campaigns with FBAzonPoster…at the click of a button?

The Secret’s Out!

After using FBAzonPoster on several of my pages, I was able to transform the Facebook side of my Amazon promotional business literally overnight! That’s right…one of my newer fanpages in particular in a very popular car sub-niche is showing the following results after using this plugin for the past 2 weeks of this month!

And that’s for only 1 page just from FB traffic for two weeks! How many pages would you set up to replicate these results? And yes they are REAL results not re-hashed, inflated results guys…

And now you too can have this kind of cash generating

potential for just a single payment!

That’s right – pay a single fee and get a lifetime of usage.

NO monthly subscription fees. and NO hidden extras


Thank you for reading. I’m sure you’ll enjoy using


Just think, in a few short minutes you could turn the world’s biggest social networking site into your own personal store window.

If you’ve read this far, it’s because you’ve been looking for a fresh and exciting way to showcase and promote your offers to a new and far bigger audience.

You’ve seen the proof, now try it for yourself.

Products of this quality don’t come along often, and definitely not at this incredibly low price.

This is a one-time opportunity to get a head start on this extremely lucrative and massively popular platform, taking your affiliate business to new levels.

But remember- act fast! Once this offer’s gone, it’s gone forever!

It’s time to revolutionize the way you market your offers and stop throwing away a chunk of your profits.

You got into this business to make money, not throw it away, right?

If you ignore the massive profit generating potential that Facebook offers, you’re making a big mistake.

That’s like leaving unclaimed cash on the table!
It’s your choice!

Click Here To Download FBAzonPoster

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